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From the Heart...Why I am Changing

Hi All, 

Apologies for the radio silence on my blog, life has been hectic and I kind of took a step back to clear my head on where I see Wildfig & Co in the future. 

Bestie Gift Guide

Hey Besties 

How are you doing, one week left of the school hols, hang in their parents, it's nearly over. Actually I am going to miss my daughter when she goes back,  she turns 14 in a two days and it's making me realise how quick they grow up. 

Today's blog, gifts for your bestie, whether you are after a Birthday gift, Christamas gift or just to say I love you...our bestie range has been launched. 

Back To School 2018 Gift Ideas

Howdy All 

Mum's how are you bearing up? Have you survived the school holidays? cannot believe in less than two weeks they go back...phew.